Minutes May 2023


Minutes of the meeting of Llanwrda Community Council held at 7.30 at Llanwrda Village Hall, Llanwrda on Wednesday 24th May, 2023. Following the Annual General Meeting.

Chairman: Councillor R. Jones
Councillors: J. Thompson, B. Charles Davies, M. Goddard-Pepperzak
County Councillor A. Davies

1. Apologies:
Everyone present.

2. Minutes of the meeting held 19th April, 2023
Minutes accepted as correct.

3. Declaration of Interest
County Councillor A. Davies – Cornwallis

4. Matters arising from the minutes:

9 (a) Play Area
Having contacted Wicksteed but still no invoice had been received to date. Councillor J. Thompson agreed to check the play equipment. Carmarthenshire County Council would carry out the annual inspection within the next 3 months.

The grass around the play equipment especially around the swings was in need of a cut. Cornwallis had mentioned the Community Council being responsible for cutting the grass around the play equipment. The Clerk to contact Mr Carwyn Jones – Cornwallis to enquire what is happening regarding the grass cutting, if there was an issue the Clerk to ask H. Gwynne Fencing to cut the grass until September when it will be reviewed. The Community Council would be responsible for payment.

9 (2) Public Footpaths – maintenance
Following a discussion it was agreed to remove this from the Agenda.

9 (e) Dog Fouling – school lane
No further complaints received to date.

9 (f) Bancynos lay-by, Llanwrda
The problem had been reported to Carmarthenshire County Council

9 (h) Cornwallis School building project
The Clerk to obtain further information.

5. Reports

5.1 (b) Report from County Councillor
(a) No changes to bin collections over the bank holiday
(b) Everyone was encouraged to place bunting, flags, etc. in place in preparation for Llandovery Eisteddfod.

5.2 (b) Report from Cornwallis Trust Liaison
No information received.

5.3 (b) Report from Police Liaison
County Councillor A. Davies had attended but there was nothing to report.

6. Correspondence
(1) Carmarthenshire County Council latest news
(2) Reply from Julie James regarding Bute Energy
(3) Carmarthenshire County Council – no mowing in May
(4) Additional dates – Hywel Dda consultation
(5) Carmarthenshire County Council area meeting
(6) OVW – revised Standing Orders
(7) Carmarthenshire County Council – play ground inspections
(8) Llandovery Eisteddfod appeal – thank you for all the donations

(7) Finance

(a) Payments
H B Enoch and Owen (payroll) – £56.10

(b) Donations
No requests received.

Audit 2022/2023
The audit had been signed at the previous meeting.

(a) Budget 2023/2024
To be updated at the September meeting.

(b) Signing of quarterly financial statements and bank statements
These had been signed up until the end of the financial year.

8. Public question time
No one present.

9. Urgent business

9 (I) A40 road Llanwrda
This part of the road was discussed at length and it was agreed to write to Lee Waters, M.S. regarding the dangers when approaching the village of Llanwrda.
(a) The slip-road by Parcnewydd – cars were parking on the slip-road
(b) Llandovery to Llanwrda – no stacking lane by the second turning into the village
(c) Double white lines required to stop cars over taking.
It was also agreed to enquire if a site meeting could be organised.

9 (j) Code of Conduct training
Code of Conduct training dates had been received from Carmarthenshire County Council, Councillor M. Goddard Pepperzak wanted to book the 24th of July, 2023 at 6.00 p.m. a link would be sent. It was also agreed to ask for a recording of the sessions for members unable to attend at the times offered.

9 (k) Bute Energy
The importance of applying for a dispensation form if anyone has an interest in Bute Energy. Councillor B Charles Davies required a copy of the form.

9 (l) Grass Verges
The grass verges around the area needed cutting in preparation for the Urdd Eisteddfod at Llandovery.

10. Date of next meeting
The next meeting would be held 21st June, 2023 via MS Teams, the Clerk to forward a link.