Community Council

Community Councils are responsible for local matters including: litter bins, traffic calming, local youth projects, street lighting and cleaning, dog fouling, bus shelters, allotments, footpaths and bridleways and tourism activities. Community councillors are elected for a period of four years and are there to represent the people living in their local area. None of the Llanwrda Community Councillors get paid and we meet once every month in the village hall.

The Council are trying to be as democratic as possible, so part of the meeting is now open for questions from the public. If you have any suggestions, or want to bring a local matter to the attention of the Community Council this is your opportunity. You can also make your suggestions by contacting one of the Councillers direct or by sending a letter to the Community Council clerk:

Mrs Joy Waters
56 Heol Rhydaman
Sir Gar
SA18 3QN

Community Council Minutes, Agendas and Correspondence:



Llanwrda Minutes – March Mawrth 2019
Llanwrda Minutes – April Ebrill 2019
Llanwrda Minutes – May Mai 2019
Llanwrda – June 2019
Llanwrda – Awst 2019
Llanwrda – Medi 2019
Llanwrda – Hydref