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Urgent – Green Gen Cymru consultation

Llanwrda Community Council want to encourage everyone in the village to complete the Green Gen Cymru consultation regarding the Pylons that are proposed to be placed in the village of Llanwrda. We need as many objections as possible. The consultation is available online, any problems or issues with accessing any information please contact the Clerk or a member of the Community Council. The following community event sessions: Llandovery Rugby Club Wednesday 10th April, 2.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Raising awareness / promotion videos – Community and Town Councillors

One Voice Wales – with assistance from Welsh Government – has published a video to promote and encourage individuals to stand for the local community and town council elections in May 2022. The video, is available here in Welsh and English:

Welsh Hafan – One Voice Wales – Welsh (

English Home – One Voice Wales

The video:

Raises awareness of the role and contribution community and town councillors make to society
Shows how community and town councillors are well placed to know the priorities and needs of their local area and how councils can collaborate with local partners to achieve positive change
Explains the importance of diversity in local government
Explains the challenges councillors face and the support available to them e.g., through training programmes provided by One Voice Wales
Outlines the skills, knowledge and experience gained through the role and their wider application in other aspects of life and employment, the exposure to a range of unfamiliar issues and a greater understanding of how local democracy works
Explains that everyone has skills to bring to the role of Councillor from their daily life e.g. organisation, communication, problem solving etc.

Invite to tender – footpaths


Llanwrda Community Council is inviting Tender applications from suitable applicants for the following

Maintenance of approximately 19 public footpaths, general clearing, care and repair of styles, gates, etc.

The relevant information is available from the Clerk of the Council:

All tenders should be received by the Clerk by noon 26th April, 2021

Emergency Road Closure

Road closure map Llanwrda

Road closure map Llanwrda

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984
As amended by the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions Act) 1991

Temporary Prohibition of Through Traffic
Carmarthenshire County Council hereby gives notice that from 9th day of March, 2020, no person shall cause any vehicle to proceed along that length of road known as the U4210, Cefnbenydd Culvert, Llanwrda, from a point 272 metres south-west of its junction with the C2159 for a total distance of 98 metres in a south-westerly direction.

The closure is necessary to ensure public safety whilst Carmarthenshire County Council carry out urgent culvert replacement works. The alternative route for north-east bound traffic will be to proceed in a south-westerly direction along the U4210 to its junction with the TR A482. At the junction, turn right and continue in a north-westerly direction along the TR A482 to its junction with the C2159, near property known as Cwmdwr. At the junction, turn right and continue in a north-easterly direction along the C2159 to its junction with the U4208, near property known as Abertrinant. At the junction, turn left and continue in a northerly direction along the U4208 to its junction with the U4209, near property known as Bwlch-y-gwynt. At the junction, turn right and continue in a south-easterly direction along the U4209 to its junction with the C2159. At the junction, turn right and continue in a southerly direction along the C2159 to its junction with the U4210.

At the junction, turn right and continue in a south-westerly direction along the U4210 to return to a point north-east of the closure. Vice Versa for south-west bound traffic.

This Notice shall continue in force for a period not exceeding twenty one days after which time its provision may be extended by a Temporary Order under Section 14(1) of the same Act.


Mrs Ruth Mullen B.S.c.
Director of Environment
County Hall